What is Rasi and Natchathiram in Tamil Matrimony?

So what exactly is Rasi and Natchathiram? These are stars that are assigned to an individuals based on the placement of stars at the time of their birth. Based on culture and tradition, these stars can loosely predict an individuals characteristic and destiny.

According to historical scriptures, some stars can match well with others and some not so much. The matching happen based on 12 key criteria, starting with Dhina porutham. This factor reflect the durability of the marriage, health and disease or trouble free life within the span of the marriage life. Second we have Gana porutham this property represents the temperament of the individuals based on the love, kindness and good heart. Mahendra porutham, one of the key matches where it represents health, kids, happiness and durability. Followed by yoni porutham which represents sexuality and physical compatibility. Vasiya porutham which calls out the mutual friendship between the two individuals. There are several other star matches which are captured and taken into account to derive the overall match score.

For hundreds of years Tamil people around the world have been looking for the most effective way to connect with one another for wedlock. Thus far the process has been difficult, convoluted and time consuming. Many have tried working with Tamil marriage brokers, where the process would take months if not years to finally find that special someone. We've created Tamil Jodi to help Tamil singles to quickly and safely browse for other people that they match with based on the Rasi and natchathiram porutham. You provide TamilJodi with information related to your birthday and location of birth and we'll find your star and show your matches with details around the matching criteria.

For many years Hindus in South East Asia have been leveraging this historical practices to arrange marriages.

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